SMartCAMP: The Arts on the Social Web – reviewed by Angela Ferraiolo

SMartCAMP: The Arts on the Social Web.

Review by Angela Ferraiolo.

Angela Ferraiolo finds a variety of interesting methods, behaviours, strategies and stories on her visit to ‘SMartCAMP’ or social media art camp. A 2 day conference that took place on March 5th and 6th 2010. Part of New York’s Art Week, at the Roger Smith Hotel in New York, a slightly unusual kind of place in that it’s a hotel with its own production company. The first conference of its kind focusing on the social web as it relates to the arts.

The aim was to examine how various social media tools are being utilized by artists and arts organizations to communicate with audiences, build vibrant and loyal communities on an international scale, and continue to spread enthusiasm for the arts. “There’s no denying that these social communication channels are quickly becoming a vital part of every organization’s outreach strategy, and savvy artists and arts orgs are taking note.”

Matt Semler, who is also the director of The LAB Gallery, became interested in the ways Roger Smith marketers Adam Wallace and Brian Simpson were using platforms like Facebook and Twitter to build an online community. According to Semler, his curiosity “ultimately led to more questions than answers and we found ourselves wanting to bring the leaders in the social media (SM) art world together to talk about their process, goals and best practices. Once we came up with the name SMartCAMP we were pretty much off and running.” Conference organizer Julia Kaganskiy of New York’s Arts, Culture, and ‘Technology Meet Up’ curated SMartCAMP’s program and a former actor, Danika Druttman, handled communications for the event.

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