SCREENS, online series of curated works

Kah Bee Chow
Once More Again
In “Once More Again (Again)” by Kah Bee Chow, a sequence of quartz
crystal images taken over a day are re-activated differently with each
user and page visit, playing back in a light-filled poetic which
ultimately captures, doses, and manipulates time itself.

Stella Brennan
Instant Pictures
Auckland based artist Stella Brennan presents “Instant Pictures”, a
series of networked pages which plunges the viewer into their tiniest
details, gateways to the next enveloping image-scape lodged amongst
hairs, scratches and dust particles.

John Ward Knox
In Untitled, John Ward Knox probes the surface of our user interfaces,
drawing out the pointer convention and shifting it gently from
instructor to mark-maker. Unfolding twice, four, eight times on
itself, each gesture is flipped and inverted, a reversed movement
playing out in another screen-space.

Seung Yul Oh
Seung Yul Oh opens the Screens online series with ‘Rain’, a playful,
chaotic interactive which invites users to germinate an unpredictable
kaleidoscope of objects, images, and sounds.

William Boling
Marco Polo
William Boling’s Marco Polo was a long duration project, where the US
photographer invited participants to post snapshots, memories and
moments in image or text form, which were responded to daily:
embracing, compiling or ignoring their input into his own.

Jae Hoon Lee
In Wanderer, artist Jae Hoon Lee digitally weaves together satellite
imagery along with environmental sound to form a series of new
terrains, familiar yet wholly other.

Enjoy – and of course for feedback or more information on the series,
please see the main site.

Luke Munn and Jeff Nusz