Salón de Arte Digital, VI Edición, Maracaibo – deadline 15 September 2007

:: The next 6th edition of this event will be celebrated from October 1th to 8th, at the Contemporary Art Museum of ZULIA, MACZUL in Maracaibo, Venezuela. The deadline is the 15th of September.

:: All artists living in Venezuela can participate.
:: All artists living abroad can participate as special guests.

:: All artists individually, or as a part of a group, will be allowed to participate in the following categories, with the possibility of obtaining any of the acknowledgments or rewards, including the award Premio de Arte Digital Ciudad de Maracaibo. Each artist can present a maximum of 3 works by category, in a maximum of 2 categories:

1. Printing (Digital Image):
2. Video: Animation 2D, 3D, Flash, Stop Motion.
3. Multimedia: Web Pages, videogames, CD ROM interactive
4. Music
5. Special Projects