Open_Sailing by Cesar Harada – Furtherfield review by Olga Panades Massanet


Review by Olga Panades Massanet.

Open_Sailing is a floating architecture evolving like a living organism, a laboratory for techno-social experiments – developing and testing numerous novel technologies, such as “Instinctive_Architecture”, “Energy_Animal”, and “Life_Cable” within an innovative nomadic ecosystem. The “Swarm_Search_Engine” is a distributed operating system that suggests a general safest location and a form for the overall structure that constantly reconfigures itself in order to provide intelligent distribution of supplies, energy and information.

“Led by a group of enthusiasts, gathered around the idea of “we don’t know what will happen, but together we can invent our future and cope”, the project puts forward a very ambitious, action-driven, experiment-led, way of thinking forward. After meeting with the founder of the project, Cesar Harada, Open_Sailing proved to be a much more complex enterprise than I originally thought.”