Narrative Lab 2008 Screening Programme, Tate Britain – deadline 22 February 2008

Event: The Av Social Late at the Tate Britain
Event Date: Friday 4th April 2008
Submission Deadline: February 22nd 2008


The narrative lab is a creative and conceptual lab interested in exploring all forms of storytelling and narrative within VJing and Audiovisual performance/production. Over the past five years we have presented symposium events, lectures, performances and VJ events across Europe and the UK and we are honoured to be presented the opportunity to screen a programme of work at the next AV Social event being held at the Tate Britain in London.

VJs have been telling stories on the video-screen for many years now, but in the world of narrative and VJing, there is much to explore! The world of digital media is changing, and VJing is being constantly redefined in terms of technical development, people’s awareness and sensitivity to what’s on the screen. We find that narrative is a way of mediating images and their meaning and so wish to make use of its application to structure the wider issues of development in the field. As a part of our continuing research we wish to survey and document examples of these techniques in the field of VJing.

Further info:

Submission Requirements:

Brief: We are seeking VJ and Audiovisual works that in some way respond to the idea of narrative and storytelling in performance, whether it conforms to traditional storytelling models, subverts narrative and aims to use more hybrid approaches, or seeks to intentionally deny it all-together. Submitted work maybe produced in the studio or be recorded from a live performance.

Duration: Submitted works should be between no longer than 10 mins in total duration.

Format: Work may be submitted either on DVD, DV Tape or made available as a digital download from an FTP server as high Quality
MPEG2 or DV Pal QuickTimes.

Web Submission: Online movies will be accepted for viewing purposes only on the basis that all final High Quality versions will be
supplied by the 31st of Januray 2008.

Additional: All submitted works should include between 2 and 5 high quality stills together with a 100-word description about the work and how it responds to narrative and storytelling in VJing and Audiovisual performance.

Send Submissions to: , 19 Kenilworth Road, London, E3 5RH.

Event Summary:

NE1CO Presents: The Av Social / Late at Tate. Featuring Hiraki Sawa, Black Out Arts, Bopa, Bruno Tait and The Narrative Lab. Friday 4th April 2008. The Tate Britain.

As part of the Late at Tate Series of events the audiovisual collective NE1CO present a very special ambient edition of London’s #1 audiovisual event, the AV Social. Setting up camp amongst the dramatic backdrop of neo-classical sculptures and renaissance paintings at the Tate Britain you’ll find installations, performances and screenings from some of Europe’s finest VJs and audiovisual artists. As an ambient soundtrack washes throughout the building your invited to come and explore both the Tate exhibits and modern works. Contemporary video artist Hiraki Sawa will be showing his very own playful and sensitive blend of miniature worlds in domestic environments, Rod Maclachlan and Jem Noble from Black Out Arts will be performing a live audiovisual work using live cameras and live sampling techniques, while Bopa and Bruno Tait present a collaborative slide and video installation using moving head video projections. Also featured is a specially curated screening and presentation by the Narrative Lab, inviting the Editors of the VJTheory book to show and tell some experimental works alongside screened material from artists all over Europe including Solu, Visual Kitchen, Girrafentoast, Ben Sheppee, Visualnaut, Oxygen, ZooZooZoo, Spark and Lucidhouse.