Journal of Media Practice call for papers – deadline 17 October 2008

Journal of Media Practice Call for Papers

Special Issue: A Decade of Media Practice: Changes, Challenges and Choices

The Journal of Media Practice is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2009!

To mark this anniversary, the Journal is looking for contributions from colleagues involved in media practice around the world, whether as teachers or practitioners.

The current decade is witnessing vast changes in the production, consumption and forms of media. With digital technology, video art, documentary, film and other visual media are all going through interesting changes at the institutional, artistic and audience levels. Web 2.0 is blurring the lines between the production and consumption of media, and is opening up new spaces of expression in societies where state censorship hinders freedom of speech in traditional media. It is also instigating changes in web design. Satellite television is consolidating itself as the primary medium in places like the Middle East. Digital radio is opening up new possibilities for broadcasting. More synergies are being created between different media forms, whether between the internet and television, the internet and documentary, or any number of other possibilities.

The Journal invites international contributions responding to the changes and challenges in the media practice landscape over the last decade, be it television, radio, video art, documentary, film, screenwriting, the internet, the press, or any other form of print, audio, visual or audiovisual media, and the choices that those changes and challenges have created for media practitioners, institutions and audiences.

In addition to academic articles, the Journal encourages the submission of:

– Interviews with key media personnel and artists

– Reflections by media practitioners on their own practice (whether within institutions or as independent practitioners)

– Reviews of exhibitions and other media events

– Critical pieces about changes in technology, content and delivery of media products and tools, or the work of media institutions around the world

Articles should be 5000 words, reviews 500-1000 words, and critical pieces and reflections between 1000-3000 words. The Editor is happy to discuss other possibilities with potential contributors.

All submissions are subject to peer review. Please send all submissions to jmp [at]

Informal queries can be sent to the Editor Lina Khatib: lina.khatib [at]

The deadline to receive all material is October 17, 2008.