Intervideo Filmproduction announces 3rd Intervideo Young Filmmaker Award – deadline 15 June 2014

Tomorrow, we will see – Changes

The Intervideo Young Talent Award will be awarded for the third time

It is that time again. Intervideo Filmproduktion has announced the third Intervideo Young Talent Award for young filmmakers with the theme Changes. Films are being sought in the categories documentary/fiction/animation/and free formats which deal with the topic in an artistic, abstract or emotional way.

Human history has always been full of contradictions – even changes that occurred during only one century are breathtaking. Plus, the pace of change has increased substantially over the last fifty years. Our planet and the forces of nature repeatedly put us in our place. The rich are amassing more and more wealth while the poor are being pushed to the sidelines.

The smart new world holds unimaginable possibilities. Computers are already making many decisions for us, and the intuition we have developed over thousands of years is becoming obsolete. We find ourselves asking what things will be like in fifty years or in a hundred. What will it be like – utopia in matters large and small? How do we deal with change? What motivates us? What influences the decision to implement a change, to help carry it out, or to go with the flow?

The focus of the competition is films which deal with small or large changes – in the private sphere or in the public domain, involving individuals or companies, in the environment, countries or organizations.

We look forward to receiving your entry! The closing date for submission of your work is June 15, 2014. The awards ceremony is planned for September 2014 as part of the 50 year celebration of Intervideo Filmproduktion.

Submissions can be made in four categories:

1. Documentaries. This genre relies on the formal elements of journalistic film documentaries: interviews, real-life observation, and commentary. The documentary must include unrehearsed, live observations and interviews without acting. These interviews/live footage can be supplemented by fictional elements which clarify the scenarios in the past or the future. Purely fictitious documentaries (mockumentaries) will be categorized under “Fiction.” The maximum length for film submissions in this category is 20 minutes.

2. Fiction/short films. Films with recognizable dramaturgy and a plot trajectory which are propelled forward by dialog or acting. The number of roles, the way the camera works, music and production design can be freely selected. The story can take place in the present, past or future.

3. Animated films/graphic films. These include collages, cartoons, 2D or 3D animations, puppetoons and related animation techniques. The figures or graphical objects can be realistic or abstract. Unlike freestyle work, a discernible sequence of scenes and dramaturgy is required.

4. Freestyle. This category is for films which approach the topic in a creative and artistic manner. There are no limitations applied either formally or aesthetically. Of key importance is that the topic remains comprehensible. In other words, no art for art’s sake, but instead a recognizable focus on the topic of the competition.

Competition objective:

The competition is a public platform for young filmmakers. It is intended to help provide support to the creative film work of young directing talent without being subject to economic constraints. The choice of topic should draw attention to the responsibility those working in media have in their role as disseminators of media content. We wish to challenge people to take part in the discourse about important contemporary issues.

Conditions of Participation:

The competition is for those studying film-making or training on the job as well as recent entrants in the media profession who are no older than 30 when submitting a film. Judges will
focus on the overall effect, regardless of budget or technique chosen. The competition is international. Films in languages other than German or English must be submitted with German or English subtitles. In addition, the screenplay must also be submitted in written form.

The maximum length for films in the categories of fiction, animated/graphic, and freestyle is 10 minutes including the intro/credits. The maximum length for films in the documentations category is 20 minutes including intro/credits. Films exceeding this limit will not be considered. The production of the submitted film must have taken place between July 2012 and through to the festival deadline.

Every competition entrant must describe how their work relates to the “Changes” competition topic in one or two sentences. If this explanation is missing, the submitted film will not be considered.

Nomination and awarding
All film contributions received by the closing sate that fulfil the Conditions of Participation can be nominated for the awards. A panel will nominate the 10 best films of each category in a closed session. These will be presented to a jury selected by the organizer. The jury will award the winners of each respective category, as well as the second and third places. The organizer reserves the right to allocate the film contributions to the corresponding categories or open new categories where necessary. There is no right to be entitled to participate in the competition.

The formation of the jury will be made public on the website soon. The jury consists of independent persons, who have been selected by the organizer. The jury adjudicates on the awarding in all categories. The decisions made by the jury are final and cannot be challenged.

The winners can look forward to cash prizes totalling to EUR 2,000.00 as well as various non-cash prizes.

Award ceremony:
The prizes will be awarded during the 50th anniversary of the Intervideo Filmproduktion in Mainz, Germany in September 2014. The winners of each respective category must be present at the award ceremony to be awarded.

The following documents must be submitted with every film:
1. The completed and signed application form
2. The film contribution on a video-DVD (no Blu-ray or HD-DVD)
3. A short biography of the director (in digital form or PDF document)
4. A portrait photo of the director (JPG)
5. Three screenshots or photos of film scenes (JPG)
6. A brief summary of the film (minimum 400 characters – digital as Word or PDF file)
7. Cast and crew list (digital as Word or PDF file)
8. The signed Transfer of Rights and Indemnification Declaration

All pictures must be presented in a .jpg format with a minimum size of 800 pixels x 640 pixels with 300dpi. It is possible to send the pictures and Word or PDF documents on a CD-ROM or by e-mail.

All screeners are to be sent to the following address:

Intervideo Filmproduktion GmbH
“Intervideo Talent Award”
Robert-Koch-Str. 11
55129 Mainz
Tel: +49 (0) 6131-250 830
Fax: +49 (0) 6131-250 8325

Enclose photos/film still pictures and text documents on DVD/CD or send them by e-mail to: – Subject: Talent Award – name of the submitter
– film title

To submit a film online, filmmakers can register at No costs incurred in sending will be reimbursed. Wrong or postage unpaid deliveries will not be accepted. The submitted documents and DVDs cannot be returned.

In the case of submissions from non-European countries, please write “For cultural purpose only. No commercial value” on the parcel. Furthermore, a pro-forma invoice declaring the value of less than 10 USD must be enclosed in the parcel. All costs incurred by wrong declaration will be invoiced to the sender. The participation in the competition is free. The number of submissions is limited to 3 per participant.

There will be no confirmation of the receipt of the screener and submission documents. All participants will receive notification with a refusal or acceptance in August 2014.

Closing date:
The closing date is 15th June 2014.

The submitter confirms with the submission of his/her contribution that he/she is the sole owner of all copyrights, patent and all other rights to the submitted material. Should third parties have been involved in the production, the submitter assures that all necessary rights were transferred, e.g. to film and video material, animations, music, photos, texts and any other creative performance. Furthermore, he/she assures that he/she has the right to all rights necessary to present the persons, objects, graphics, logos, scripts, pictures and the like shown in the framework of the competition.

The contestant indemnifies Intervideo Filmproduktion from and against all possible claims by third parties. He/she assumes sole responsibility for all claims arising in relation to the submission including the costs of a suitable legal defence.

Criteria for exclusion:
The following films will not be accepted:

Those that violate human dignity, have pornographic contents, serve as glorifications of violence or national socialism, represent a breach of national or international statutory provisions.

Furthermore, contributions will not be accepted in the case of:
– Non compliance to the Conditions of Participation
– Belated submission of the contribution
– Incomplete information/pictures
– False or incorrect details regarding the film rights and materials used (film music, archived materials).

Transfer of rights
The submitter allows the organizer to publish excerpts and pictures of the films submitted for free in the framework of self-marketing and publicity for the competition this year and in the following years. Moreover, the contestant agrees to release the film rights in the framework of the Intervideo Talent Award for the non-commercial viewing and disclosure of excerpts to the sponsors of the cash prizes. This includes in particular the viewing of the contribution during the award ceremony.

Optional (to be indicated in the Transfer of Rights Declaration): The submitter grants the organizer the rights of use of the entire film contributions in the framework of online presentations on the competition website.

Further information
You can find up-to-date information about the competition at and