Free online digital cinema course

TENCompetence partner, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona is launching a new distance learning pilot as part of its plan to disseminate digital cinema technology and provide a virtual learning environment where professionals, students, and amateurs can develop their competences and skills in producing and directing digital cinema projects.

The distance learning pilot offers an introductory course on Virtual Sets Design in cooperation with Brainstorm software. The course comprises around a hundred hours of learning activities that can be freely accessed by learners. This service will be launched on October 1st and will be available for people to join over an ongoing period of at least two months.

As well as providing the opportunity for subscribers to increase their digital cinema competences and knowledge, the pilot also enables learners to meet and cooperate with other professionals and scholars in the field.

Registration for the course is free of charge since the pilot will be used to validate the underlying learning infrastructure.

You can find more detailed information on the pilot in the brochure posted at

If you are interested in registering and participating, please send an email to

The Virtual Sets distant learning pilot has been developed as part of the TENCompetence project (