Cinematheque call for works, ‘Flash & Thunder’ – extended deadline 31 August 2009

Extended deadline: 31 August 2009

Cinematheque – streaming media project environments

is happy to launch the new call for 2009

Flash & Thunder
Flash as a medium and tool for artistic creations

Since the Internet became popular in the late 90’ies of 20th century, the software program “FLASH”, once developed and prepared for the commercial market by Macromedia, and now owned by Adobe, represents a vector based developing environment which enables the creator to combine different media and develop vector based animations especially for the Internet. .swf data file extension became a standard for animations online and offline, and Flash video and its .flv file format stands for “videostreaming” on the net.

As soon as the Internet started, artists captured it for artistic purposes, and the same is good for certain software used for the net, particularly Flash is predestined for developing artistic creations due to its intuitive use. It became one of the most popular software tools for the net, computer based animations and interactive applications like games. Flash based artworks entered media festivals, even festivals solely based on movies created in Flash are organised.

After Cinematheque – streaming media environments – explored in 2007 the capabilities of “Quicktime” as an artistic medium in the comprehensive show \\Slowtime? Quicktime as an artistic medium// – its now the time to explore in 2009 the artistic potential of Flash in its own way in a big online show, as well.

Flash and Thunder

Flash as a medium and tool for artistic creations

is looking for the best artistic Flash movies created since 2000.

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