Brighton Digital Festival – 1-30 September 2011

A month long celebration of digital culture

Brighton’s digital festival will be a month-long celebration of digital culture happening in September 2011.
The month-long season of exhibitions, performances, meet-ups, workshops and outdoor events run alongside Brighton’s iconic digital design conferences.

Featuring leading international artists, designers, dancers, technologists, thinkers, filmmakers and makers, the programme is being put together by a diverse range of designers, tech companies, arts organisations and individuals who are passionate about digital culture.

Below is a little taster of what we’re planning. There’s lots more to come so keep an eye on or follow @BrightonDigital on Twitter for updates.

An annual, internationally renowned conference gathering some of the brightest minds in the design community. This year speakers include Don Norman, Stephanie Rieger and Matthew Sheret.
Organised by Clearleft

Maker Faire
Join makers, crafters and inventors and interact with fascinating creations, home-spun robotics, garden shed inventions, circuit boards and the occasional fireball. Learn to solder or make a musical instrument at this hands-on day of creative invention and technological discovery for all ages.
Supported by Lighthouse

A Machine to See With by Blast Theory
Become the star of your own heist movie as Brighton’s internationally renowned digital artists Blast Theory put you in the heat of the action. This ‘locative cinema project’ for pedestrians and their mobile phones was a major hit at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and we’re delighted to be bringing it to Brighton for the digital festival. Co-produced with Lighthouse.

Improving Reality
A one-day conference that shows how artists and designers are working with digital technologies to radically re-engineer the world in which we exist. Thinkers and makers from the technology, film, education and art worlds will explore how the current generation of makers is not only attempting to augment reality, but rather to go one step further, and improve reality.
Organised by Lighthouse, it features Julian Oliver, Tassos Stevens (Agency of Coney), Matt Adams (Blast Theory), Alice Taylor (Makieworld), Matt Hanson and many many others.

– FAR by Random Dance
Wayne McGregor’s Random Dance is a truly ground-breaking dance company, incorporating digital technologies into live choreography. This all embracing approach has led to a string of truly unique works. FAR is is danced by an ensemble of ten incredible performers and set to a new, haunting score by critically acclaimed composer, Ben Frost.

and more!

This is just a taste of the festival. We’re currently planning more exhibitions, meet-ups, BarCamps and outdoor events.

If you’ve got ideas for events or projects you want to organise for Brighton Digital Festival, please email

Brighton Digital Festival is coordinated by Lighthouse (with lots and lots of help from a wide array of individuals and organisations).

Supported by Arts Council England.