Binarykatwalk: Lines of Influence

This edition features Kate Pullinger talking about her/our work, plus work by Caitlin Fisher, Christine Wilks and Renee Turner.

Binarykatwalk is an online exhibition space for experimental digital work. Each edition will feature artists from around the world and from different points in the spectrum of new media.

“The Line of Influence”

This edition is a series of a few artists selected to show their work alongside who influenced them and those they see as kindred spirits coming up. This is not an ordinary exhibition, but instead a chance to show how ideas and works progress over time and how no artist is a solitary force out there.

The artists selected have opened doors for others and have stayed true to a particular path with their work. Each artist has selected their companions in their showcase to paint in an arrow in time if you will and to tell the tale of communication and ideas in time.