Art Wikimarathon

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There’s a lack of art/artist information on Wikipedia, and we’re often too busy to find the time to contribute. In response, we’re setting aside one day when a crew of people collectively drop serious knowledge into wikipedia about art: from your favourite notable artwork, artist or exhibition, to our soon-to-be-famous peers. We’ll also add structural links to alumni, schools and categories like collective art groups, non profit orgs, etc.

Participants include:
Eyebeam Senior Fellows Steve Lambert and Michael Mandiberg; Marisa Olson, Bennett Williamson, Joe DelPesco aka Mr. Collective Foundation, and Jamie Wilkinson. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Location: ANYWHERE
Date: Saturday, January 26
Time: Roughly 12-8PM EST

IRC: #artwikimarathon
AIM: join chat: artwikimarathon