Workshop: Blogging Your Cause at The Festival of Alternatives, Leicester

Blogging is a great way to keep in touch with people who are interested in your cause. Blogs are simple to use, easy to update and allow you to write as if you were having a conversation and people can have a conversation though the comments.

Although the technology is easy to use, people often have trouble starting to blog. They wonder where to start, and what people will think, and whether their writing is any good.

The other big thing when you’re trying to raise awareness about a cause is how people will find your blog in the millions of webpages that exist.

Frontline Books will be running a workshop at the Festival of Alternatives that helps you overcome both these problems. We’ll explain how to plan your blog and get started, and how you can help people to find your blog.

The Festival of Alternatives takes place on Monday 7th May at Regent College, Regent Road, Leicester. Registration for workshops starts at 10.15am (or e-mail with FoA in the subject line to book a place).

See the full line up for the Festival at .