“WORDS WITHOUT VOICES” Online Album Art Competition – deadline 31 August 2007

The contest seeks digital visual artwork submissions to illustrate the titles of 25 Songbook Jackets and 125 Album covers by lyricist James Thomas Fielding. The juried art competition, which seeks to establish a new multimedia artform based on rock “Concept Albums,” offers $6,000 in cash prizes to be awarded to three finalists in each of two categories: Best Songbook Jacket and Best Album Jacket.

The “WORDS WITHOUT VOICES” series combines Art, Music, Language, and Internet Technology, and will be aimed toward the youth market, especially college art instructors and students who study Advertising, Visual Arts, English, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Music, and Web Design. While the contest is open to “anyone who is creative,” state contest restrictions apply. Entry fees are $10 for one entry in one category, $15 to enter both, and $5 apiece for each subsequent submission. All entries will be displayed in the GALLERY OF THE MIND’S EYE at: www.WordsWithoutVoices.com .

The contest is limited to the U.S., Canada and the U.K. The public will select the winners by voting online at the contest website. Final deadline for the competition is August 31, 2007.