Winners of the 8th International Arte Laguna Prize announced


Venice  With the proclamation of the five overall winners, the 8th edition of Arte Laguna Prize reached its conclusion and its climax.

The international jury,chaired by Igor Zanti, selected the 5 winners among the 110 shortlisted finalists, one for each section of the Prize – Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Video art and Performance, Virtual Art – who were awarded a cash prize of 7,000 Euros each.



Winner: Bianca de Gier (Gouda, The Netherlands) WorkThe Four Seasons (nr. 56)

Motivation: The work is based at the same time on the research and the practice of painting, by unveiling the reflection, the intimate reaction of global communications and of the contemporary information flow and by investigating the thin connection between individual and collective memory.


Winner: Elaine Byrne (Dublin, Ireland) WorkRaum      

Motivation: The jury selected this work since it combines modernist architectural references with a personal approach, with the memories of lived experiences. The work also tears down the boundaries between language and nationality, by deconstructing the physical and emotional walls we build around us. This work is a powerful metaphor of the relationship between the individual and society in our times.


Winner: Victoria Campillo (Barcelona, Spain) WorkGardens

Motivation: The work was awarded for the originality of the subject, the ability to translate pre-existing structures of daily use into images, turning them into a conceptual work, with an ironic approach to the history of contemporary art.


Winner: Apiyo Amolo (Kenya) WorkNot Swiss Made

Motivation: For the contents addressing the issue of identity in a profoundly contemporary manner, combining the refined technical and compositional research with a highly topical approach.


Winners: Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion (Nancy, France –  Forbach, France) WorkDérives

Motivation: The work subverts and revitalizes both the history of cinema and the tradition of found footage videos, offers a powerful visual metaphor of the liquid nature of the digital medium, and of the daily experience of surfing an infinite hypertext.


The exhibition was open to the public in the venues of the Arsenale, the Telecom Italia Future Centre and the Romanian Institute in Venice through April 6, 2014.

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