White River Indie Festival announces first Tell-it-in #Transmedia competition – deadline 1 February 2015

The White River Indie Festival (WRIF) and Google have partnered to host the 2015 Tell It In #Transmedia Film Competition. The competition, which was announced at the Woodstock Digital Media Festival, invites filmmakers to creatively combine two or more distinct digital media platforms to tell their stories. The winning entry will receive a cash prize and a tour of any YouTube Space along with a special consultation and access to YouTube Space workshops and training.

Transmedia filmmaking expands on traditional storytelling by delivering the various parts of a narrative through multiple digital mediums. The Peabody Award and Emmy Nominated “Hollow” is a breakout example of this kind of transmedia filmmaking approach in a documentary where the director uses maps, community generated film, and music to tell the story of a hard hit West Virginia coal town. On the pop culture front, Pharrell Williams’ music video ‘Happy’ is another example that includes an interactive element along with traditional audio and video via a website that allows viewers to navigate to any segment of the 24-hour video.

Tell It In #Transmedia invites filmmakers to combine video, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, audience-generated content, video games, location-based mapping or any other digital media to tell their stories.

“The growth of the Internet and digital media has opened new doors for creativity in film making,” said Matt Dunne, Head of Community Affairs at Google. “The WRIF Tell It In #Transmedia competition will be an exciting way to see the cutting edge work from across the globe and how filmmakers have been empowered by the digital age.”

Entries will be accepted from November 7, 2014 to February 1, 2015. Festival organizers will narrow the field to fifteen finalists that will be judged by a panel of four innovators from different digital media fields. Winners will be announced at the White River Indie Film Festival April 24-27, 2015. Along with the YouTube Space tour, the winning entry will receive $2500. The two runners-up will win $1000 apiece.

Contest information and entry forms available at:


White River Indie Festival (formerly White River Indie Film) is in its 11th year. It is an educational non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the best of recent independent films to the Upper Valley of New Hampshire and Vermont. The WRIF board is made up of award-winning filmmakers–such as Liz Canner, Signe Taylor and Nora Jacobson–as well as people active in the local arts and music scenes. Two years ago, acknowledging the explosive growth of non-traditional and non-cinematic digital storytelling, WRIF added transmedia projects to its festival offerings.

Films are selected for their recognized artistic and social merit, and for concern with cultural issues, war and peace, the environment and human rights. WRIF partners with the local Cable Access station, CATV8/10 for a 48 hour slam which attracts budding filmmakers across the state. There is also a regional filmmaker showcase that screens films by Vermont and New Hampshire Filmmakers.