Wellcome Trust Arts Awards – deadline 25 January 2013

Small Arts Awards (small- to medium-sized projects – up to and including £30 000).

Funding can support the development of new project ideas, deliver small productions or workshops, investigate and experiment with new methods of engagement through the arts, or develop new collaborative relationships between artists and scientists.

Large Arts Awards (larger projects – above £30 000)

This funding can support full or part production costs for high-quality large arts projects that aim to have significant impact on audiences. These awards are primarily for applicants with a track record with the Wellcome Trust or Wellcome Collection; however, special cases can be made for teams that can provide evidence of an excellent track record and a particularly strong project idea where the initial research and development of the project has already taken place.


Arts Awards support imaginative and experimental arts projects that explore biomedical science.

The scheme aims to:

* stimulate interest, excitement and debate about biomedical science through high-quality, original artistic practice
* examine the social, cultural and ethical contexts of biomedical science through the arts
* encourage new ways of thinking
* promote high-quality interdisciplinary practice and collaborations between arts, science and education practice
* support formal and informal learning.

The scheme is open to a wide range of people, including artists, scientists, curators, film makers, writers, producers, directors, academics, science communicators, teachers, arts workers and education officers.