“What They Said…” at webyarns.com

Screenshot of Alan Bigelow's What They Said... at www.webyarns.com“What They Said…” at www.webyarns.com is a typically accomplished blend of electronic fiction/poetry by Alan Bigelow, a hypnotic blend of text, images and sound with a strong political dimension.

The scenes are accessed via a radio dial at the bottom of the screen. While the individual scenes can be viewed in a non-linear order, each scene must be viewed in its entirety in order to access the final scenes, which provides a neat solution to the classic narrative problem of non-linear texts. Within each scene a fast progression of text (a la Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries) is combined with very fast visuals in a way that is both unsettling and absorbing; indeed my only criticism of the piece is that these very fast flickering images probably warrant an epilepsy warning at the start (something like the beginning of Relativity Poem). That small point aside, this is another great piece of work from one my favourite e-writers.