Visual Music Award 2012 – deadline 3 September 2012

Up to 10 of the best submitted “visual music” and up to three of the best “live & interactive” works will be honoured including the first prizes and one optional special prize.

The prize winners and awardees will receive a certificate and also prizes by our sponsors as well as a unique presentation of their works at the evening of the prize ceremony in November 2012 at the CocoonClub Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Call for entries:

NM-Institut für Neue Medien
Schmickstraße 18
60314 Frankfurt am Main

The “Visual Music Award 2012” is a junior creative competition for works on music visualizations from the fields of new media art, experimental film or animation.

We invite you to participate with your work in this year’s “Visual Music Award 2012” -> Call for Entries 2012. The submission deadline is extended to the 3rd of September 2012 (inclusively) -> Terms of Participation 2012.

As contributions to the “Visual Music Award 2012” and the “Visual Music Live Contest” we expect interpretations of music by visionary artistic visualisations. The holistic media compositions should come close to “paintings in time”, “visual music”, “symphonies of light and sound”, “cinematic paintings”, “color light music” or “space light art”.