Video Art Festival Miden Call 2007 – deadline 31 May 2007

Video Art Festival Miden Call 2007.

Video Art Festival Miden invites all video artists and video creators to participate in this year’s events, which will take place, like the past two years, in public spaces at the Historic Centre of the city of Kalamata, Greece, in July 2007.

In it’s third realization, Festival Miden is supported by Kalamata’s Historic Centre Organisation, The Messinia Chamber of Commerce and the Municipality of Kalamata.

The deadline for the submission of application forms and videos is the 31th of May 2007 (post stamped). Application forms and more information about the festival are posted on the festival’s web site:

The festival call is open to every creator (individuals, groups or organizations) of any nationality and background. The proposed video can be of any genre (video art, experimental video, animation, short movie etc.). Preferred duration under 10 min. There is no entry fee.

In its third realization, along with the main program, Festival Miden wishes to present three additional special showcases:
1. experimental animation
2. a tribute to Mediterranean artists as part of a cultural exchange and collaboration between Mediterranean countries.
3. experimental music video clips (the music must be original or accompanied by a copyright release) In this context, please forward this information to any artist whose work fits into these areas.

For any extra information check the festival’s website or contact us at:

You can also contact the festival’s team:
Art director: Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos ()
Curators: Gioula Papadopoulou Margarita Stauraki
The new posting may be found at