Victory Media Network® Juried Motion Arts Competition – deadline 21 August 2007

Victory Media Network® invites digital motion artists from around the world to enter its 2nd Annual Juried Arts Competition with over $10,000 in cash prizes. Currently showcasing over 200 digital artworks from artists in 15 countries, Victory Media Network® is an unparalleled space for digital art and film. To be entered into the competition, you must submit your artwork to one of the following categories by August 21, 2007.

FUNNYBONE – Playful animation, fun live action and anything else that gets the whole family laughing. Must be G-rated.

HERE’S THE STORY – Art with a storyline. Fact or fiction, linear or dreamlike, fantastic or realistic, it’s the story that counts.

ART BURN – Art without a storyline. Pure, visually-stunning creativity. Wow us with your eye-popping graphics and computer-generated art.

GOING GLOBAL – Visions and insights from faraway places and cultures. Can either be driven by narrative or purely visual.

FACE THE MUSIC – Music videos and other music-driven motion arts – label or no label.

PICTURE THIS – Independent film shorts, up to 30 minutes in length, about anything, from anywhere. Films will be presented in a festival context. Final submissions must be in HDCam format.

* Please note that all submissions, except those to Picture This, must be less than 8 minutes in length and final submissions will be requested in HD.

For all entry details, please visit

For questions, email