Unwin Foundation Award Annual Fellowship – deadline 31 January 2008


The Unwin Trust’s UK-Australia Fellowship was originally funded for four years for two people in Australia to visit the UK and two people from the UK to visit Australia, to carry out projects of mutual benefit to the book industry of each country. It was announced in 2007 that the fund will be extended for another four years.

The Unwin Charitable Trust is currently inviting applications for a candidate from the UK to visit Australia in 2008. All who work in bookselling and publishing are eligible.

Applicants are asked to put up a proposal to carry out a project which will enhance their understanding of the Australian book trade and will provide a means to increase understanding of each market by the other. The successful candidate will have at least three year’s experience in the book industry.

Applicants should also provide a timetable and approximate budget.

It is expected that time spent in Australia will be 2-3 months and the Trust will provide funding for travel, accommodation etc up to £10,000.

For further details contact John Taylor at johnlucytaylor [at] aol.com

Applications close 31 January 2008.