UNREALTIME – Mark Amerika retrospective at EMST (National Museum of Contemporary Art), Greece, 22 October 2009 – 3 January 2010

I normally wouldn’t post events happening outside of the UK (or online), but am making an exception for this because it’s great news to see a) a major retrospective taking place of Mark’s work, and b) a national gallery putting major resources into displaying work by a net artist – though Mark is much more than this, as the lucky Greeks will find out!


National Museum of Contemporary Art – EMST
Vas. Georgiou ?’ 17-19 and Rigillis street
11743 Athens



Curated by: Daphne Dragona

The National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, Greece, presents UNREALTIME, a retrospective exhibition of pioneering American artist Mark Amerika. The exhibition runs from October 22nd, 2009 until January 3rd, 2010.

Amerika’s first solo exhibition in Greece is curated by Daphne Dragona and features many of his works of Internet art, digital video art, multi-media installation art, and language art. The exhibition will also include the European premiere of his most recent work, Immobilité, the first feature-length work released in his “Foreign Film Series.” Immobilité premiered in New York in April at Amerika’s solo exhibition at the Chelsea Art Museum.

The exhibition will be supplemented with a 92-page catalog featuring color images of his artwork, selected texts from his oeuvre, and critical essays by McKenzie Wark (The Hacker Manifesto, Harvard University Press, 2004) and Steven Shaviro (Without Criteria: Kant, Whitehead and Deleuze, MIT Press, 2009).

As part of the opening week of events, Amerika will be in Athens to present “Living in Unrealtime: A Networked Narrative” and conduct a workshop on “Tactics of Postproduction and Remix: Critical Reflections” for emerging Greek artists.

With the support of the U.S. Embassy in Athens.

For more information visit the museum website: www.emst.gr

For more information on the workshop: