Turbulence Commission: “Panemoticon” by Ali Miharbi and John Priestley

Turbulence Commission: “Panemoticon” by Ali Miharbi and John Priestley
[Needs Firefox (16 or later recommended), headphones/speakers, mouse/trackpad]

We know how you feel. “Panemoticon” observes your behavior, makes a few inferences about your emotional state, and plays music to match your mood. Your mouse/trackpad use says a lot about your energy level, confidence, and perceived control over your environment. “Panemoticon” tracks and analyzes these data to create an image of your mood, and then generates music, adjusting properties such as tonality (major/minor), harmonic & rhythmic complexity, tempo, timbre, and proximity. Collective mood is calculated for all “Panemoticon” users on a given site.

“Panemoticon” is a 2012 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence website. It was made possible with funds from the National Endowment for the Arts.


Ali Miharbi is an artist whose work can take many forms from photographic, graphic or sculptural pieces to dynamic systems driven by live or stored data. His recent work investigates the relationships between analytic and synthetic processes by taking systems within the fields of economy, management, psychology, sociology, computer science, and linguistics. His work has been exhibited in Turkey, Mexico, USA, Germany, South Korea, Australia and Brazil.

John Priestley is a musician, software developer (Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine), and doctoral candidate (VCU Media Art & Text) pursuing research on generative music.

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