‘Breathe’ transmedia story revived as recurring event

[From the Breathe team]

First up, we haven’t been sitting back reminiscing about the small attention that was bestowed on Breathe – No! We have been tinkering away, working out the best way to make the entire experience accessible for the
first time.

During the live run of Breathe we screened three films, hosted nine live events, UK Dance Radio broadcast for seven months and you could interact with seven of Breathe characters by phone – day and night.

Every interaction was documented, but many were not screened. We let participants relay stories of their experiences through blogs, chatrooms, email and Twitter – that is what we call ‘Transmedia Storytelling’.

These firsthand stories brought depth, colour and unpredictable excitement to the three week-long interactive experience, as it mapped itself from platform to person.

Breathe is about to be revived as a recurring transmedia experience through a series of events. Each will be “between the full experience and a normal film screening.”

Check out Lewis Murphy of ArgNet’s article on the reviving Breathe:

Help spread the word – the world’s first full transmedia film experience is about to get a second wind! ;)

Updates will be through this announcement list.

Thank you

Breathe Resuscitation Team
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