Transliteracy Research Group blog

This is a reminder to check out the Transliteracy Research Group blog which is updated every week or so by a group of transliteracy researchers and practitioners. The current TRG writers are Tia Azulay, Heather Conboy, Gareth Howell, Anietie Isong, Jess Laccetti, Kirsty McGill, Kate Pullinger, Sue Thomas and Christine Wilks.

Recently we have been writing about:

· transliteracy in China

· a new Master’s module on New Media Narratives

· the launch of the Electronic Literature Directory

· an MA in Performance Writing at UCF/Arnolfini

· a discussion of Site Specific Stories using Layar on the iPhone

· a link to a video ‘Transliteracy as Blueberry Smoothie’ by Brian Hulsey

· an account of telling stories of belief and disbelief in Africa

· and a clever way to test your level of transliteracy in A Quick Code…

There’s also a community, Transliteracy Notes, for the discussion of ideas and projects. And you can follow all kinds of threads via the Twitter hashtag #transliteracy

Transliteracy is attracting interest from many disciplines and we welcome your involvement. Do drop in to comment or participate at