Translation Games exhibition – London, 31 July – 2 August 2013

What We Made
The Only Thing About You That We Could Fathom

Invitation to the first exhibition of Translation Games

Curated by Ricarda Vidal (KCL) and Jenny Chamarette (QM)

31st July to 2nd August 2013 (daily 12-6pm)

Anatomy Museum, King’s College, The Strand

Please join us for the opening on 31st July, 6-9pm for live performances, a translation competition and prize draw

With work by:

Anna Cady, Aura Satz, Colleen Becker, Matt Rowe, Mayuri Boonham, Reyhan Yazici, Scott Ramsay-Kyle, Shaheen Kasmani and Amalia Alves da Silva, Andre Freixeiro, Ayca Turkoglu, Bethany Pyner, Christina Vieira Barry, Claudia Manca, Connie Cramp, Emilie Oleron, Florence Bauhofer, Freia Nahser, Gaia Porcu, Georgina Chen-Prosser, Irina Andreea Malca, Katharine Chadd, Leanne Zara Dickinson, Liam McShane, Marta Fava, Mathilde Frot, Matthew Kingston, Oliver Roy, Raluca-Maria Chereji, Sana Ashraf, Sarah Nurgat, Syed Zukifil, Thiago Metson, Tom Vanassche

The Rules of the Game:

Translation Games explores the theory and practice of translation within literature, i.e. between languages, and in the fine arts, i.e. between art genres and art practices. The project is modelled on the game of Chinese Whispers, where a message is passed from person to person and goes through various stages of transformation. Colleen Becker’s short story “What We Made” served as the source text for both the literary and artistic translations. The text was translated from one language into the next – i.e. from English into French, from French into Italian, from Italian into Spanish, etc. – and, in a parallel strand, from one art genre into the next – i.e. from text to film, from film to ceramics, from ceramics to sound, from sound to movement. The original text and the Spanish and Turkish translations were translated into textile by a designer.

Funded by: King’s Cultural Institute and the Department of German, King’s College London

Come and see the results of the game, find out how “What We Made” became “The only Thing about You That We Could Fathom”! If you feel like it, then join in, contribute your own translation and win a book token!