Timecode: A seminar series in media and technology – Bradford, 30 January 2008, 6pm

Timecode: A seminar series in media and technology

30th January 2008, 6pm, FREE ADMISSION

Psychogeography: fifty years on

The year 2007 marked the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of radical artistic/philosophical movement the Situationist International a major influence on revolutionary actions (most notably Paris ’68), critical thinking and subcultural movements. One of the central and long-lasting concepts emerging from this group was that of ‘Psychogeography’- “the study of the specific effects of the geographical environment (whether consciously organized or not) on the emotions and behaviour of individuals”. This concept has been applied widely across many disciplines and this seminar will introduce aspects of the psychogeographical pertinent to contemporary media and society.

Dr Andrew Evans (University Of Leeds) will discuss how landscape and geography (including the perceived and/or virtual) how been affected by the psychogeographic, while Dr Mark Banks (Open University) will address how the poetics of the original concept have become increasingly commodified just as the radical aspects of the term have almost disappeared. This seminar will be of interest to artists, political theorists, poets, geographers, media producers, social scientists and anyone with an interest in the urban milieu.

Presented in conjunction with the Psychogeographical Research Group, a collaboration between the University of Bradford and De Montfort University

On Location, National Media Museum, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 1NQ. Tel: 0870 70 10 200