Thinking Blogger Award

thinking blogger award

Thanks to Jess Laccetti for making me as one of her ‘thinking blog’ awardees!

From the thinking blog site: “remember to tag blogs with real merits, i.e. relative content, and above all – blogs that really get you thinking!”

So to pass on the meme, here are five blogs that get me thinking:

Writing and the Digital Life
“WDL is a collaborative transdisciplinary blog about the impact of digital technologies upon writing and lived experience. We talk about writing and reading in the context of ‘new and old’ media, transliteracy, craft, art, process and practice, social networks, cooperation and collaboration, narrative and memory, human computer interaction, imagination, nature, mind, body, and spirit.”

Cross-Media/Transmedia Entertainment
Christy Dena’s research into Cross/Trans/Multi-Platform/Media Storytelling/Entertainment. It is about storyworlds that are experienced over more than one medium and arts type, and is full of fascinating posts about the rapidly changing world of transmedia literatures and entertainment.

Grand Text Auto
A group blog about computer mediated and computer generated works of many forms: interactive fiction,, electronic poetry, interactive drama, hypertext fiction, computer games of all sorts, shared virtual environments, and more.

The White Noise Revisited
Regular postings of some of the best music you probably haven’t heard: the tracks posted are either available with the permission of the record label and/or artist, or from deleted or commercially unavailable releases. As if that wasn’t enough, each post is brilliantly written by enthusiasts who are better than most music journalists in terms of their appreciation of great music and ability to write without slipping into cliche and industry hyperbole.

Lit. [r]evolutions
Jess Laccetti’s blog at Frontline Books is a fabulous resource for those interested in dig-lit from either creative or pedagogical perspectives, and each post is bursting with interesting multimedia snippets that takes the ‘reading’ experience beyond that of the usual blog.