They Might Be Giants – The List

Can we extend this list to the general population please?


This is the update on “The List According to Marty Beller”
Some of these are historic, some more recent, some contributed by other band members, Pat Dillett, and now friends from Facebook and Myspace.

These are all things we are not allowed to say within the band:

too much information
off the hook
that’s what (s)he said
my bad
game changer
that’s how we roll
I can’t work under these conditions
playing the (whatever) card
throw under the bus
drinking the kool-aid
phone tag
don’t go there
it’s all good
it is what it is
talk to the hand
think outside the box
off the reservation
oh no you didn’t
I threw up a little in my mouth
one hundred and ten percent
no worries*
jumped the shark
voted off the island
(anything) on acid
(anything) from hell
(anything) on steroids
literally (unless it’s actually used properly)

Of course the list itself is now on the list.

*No worries enjoys a unique “workplace dispensation” where it can be used with a co-worker to help decompress a work situation.