The Thursday Club: Veronique Chance & Rachel Stewart – London, 1 November 2007 (6-8pm)

THE THURSDAY CLUB is an open forum discussion group for anyone interested in the theories and practices of cross-disciplinarity, interactivity, technologies and philosophies of the state-of-the-art in today’s (and tomorrow’s) cultural landscape(s).

Live Run(ner) & Thinking Blue Sky

Veronique Chance’s research project (PhD Candidate Goldsmiths) considers the dynamic relation between the physical presence of the body and its presence as a screen image, through which she examines the impact of visual media technologies on our conceptions and perceptions of the body as a physical presence. The effects of these technologies on traditional notions and conditions of physicality and representation mark, she suggests, a shift in our relationship to, and understanding of the body as a physical presence as we become more used to interacting and communicating with the body through the immediacy of screen images. This has led to questions regarding the body as a material presence and to the technologically mediated image becoming associated with notions and ideologies of disappearance and disembodiment. Chance understands the condition of the body as being very much embedded in the material world and approaches her project through the proposition of what she calls ‘the physicality of an image’, through which she argues for a reconceptualisation of the materiality of the body through its physical presence as an image.

For the Thursday Club Chance will present Live’ Run(ner), an artwork in progress that will record and transmit live the Great North Run through her own live experience of running the event. The idea is to recreate a live transmission of her eye-view in real-time, as she run the course, (literally ‘moving image’). Viewers would experience the event through her eye-view as she runs, through being able to ‘pick up’ a signal on their home computers and at wireless hotspots in the City.

VERONIQUE CHANCE is an artist practitioner and educator working across a range of media. She is currently a PhD Candidate in Fine Art by Practice at Goldsmiths. She also works as a Mentor for Artists in Residence Project, Morley College, London; Associate Lecturer, Foundation Course, Wimbledon School of Art; and Visiting Tutor, Fine Art/ArtHistory, Goldsmiths.


Rachel Stewart’s research (PhD Candidate Goldsmiths) is based around an engagement with the psycho-geography of the everyday sky and its representation with contemporary visual culture. Stewart is interested in how experiences of freedom, imagination, spirituality, orientation and weight are contextualised within manifestations of the skies of the post-human landscapes of C21st.
Her research addresses the literary and visual trope of the sky, specifically the blue sky. The specific material she will discuss is an index of sky photographs that she has been collecting for a number of years. The photographs all detail a sky at the occurrence of ‘a sky event’ i.e. the sky above the screening of James Benning’s Ten Skies, or the Whitechapel exhibition of Gerhard Richter’s Atlas, or the sky above Manuel de Landa talking of the sky as a painting of intensive different at the Creative Evolutions Conference in 2005. The photographs detail only the particular sky and contain no other visual information. They could be construed as ‘eventless’. However, seen together these images create a visual subject, a subject that works in a familiar way but also starts to describe a new set of relations with this space.

RACHEL STEWART is a contemporary art curator and PhD candidate at Goldsmiths Visual Cultures. As a curator she has worked both in partnership with Helen Hayward and on behalf of other organisations on commissions that include working with Mark Wallinger, Amy Plant, Lothar Goetz, Daziell+ Scullion, James Ireland, Simon Periton, Mark Titchner, Florain Balze and Rose Finn-Kelcey. From 1994-1998 Stewart set up, edited, published and distributed independent arts magazine ENGAGED.


Supported by the Goldsmiths GRADUATE SCHOOL and the Goldsmiths DIGITAL STUDIOS

6pm until 8pm, Seminar Rooms at Ben Pimlott Building (Ground Floor, right), Goldsmiths, University of London, New Cross, SE14 6NW

FREE, ALL ARE WELCOME. No booking required.

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