The Surveys in 8th Seoul Film Festival

The Surveys, the Phoenix Digital commission I created with Leicester writer and archivist David Hume, has been selected as a finalist in the Net Festival section of the 8th Seoul Film Festival.

“Seoul Net Festival, organized by Seoul Moving Image Forum and presented by Seoul Film Festival Executive Committee, has been trying to introduce talented visual artists all over the world and their brilliant works andto lead the new audio-visual experiences based on “the Internet” and “New Media”. Offering a new paradigm based on new media with its two pivots – digital cinema and internet moving image, Seoul Net Festival is an online international film festival representing SeNef where the most outstanding moving images works are featuring, from premiered films for Internet to cutting-edge interactive web-works. Creative experimentation with digital technology and networking with world-wide spectators are highlights of the Seoul Net Festival.”

Should be fascinating to hear the responses of the Korean audience to what is primarily a Leicester-based piece.