The Puzzle Box (complete), by Edward Picot

From Edward:

I have now finished revising The Puzzle Box, as follows:

1. A new interface/front cover
2. One new Help Card animation and a couple of minor amendments to other animations
3. More sparing use of the box-icon within the chapters: it now only appears at those points where the box is mentioned in the narrative, and where readers will find something new if they click to open it
4. The page-background for Chapter Three has been redesigned
5. The text has been thoroughly proof-read and various minor amendments have been made
6. On the back of this (show me the money!), a print version is now available via and will soon be available from Amazon
(If you don’t see the new interface, with lots of pictures on it, when you get to the Puzzle Box index-page, click CTRL + Refresh to update.)