The First Combination Special Video Contest – deadline 1 January 2009

You are invited to create a tasty video based on any written piece (poem, fiction, fusion, or non-fiction) published in Mad Hatters’ Review, Brevity, Drunken Boat, elimae, Jacket, Milk, Unlikely Stories, or Word Riot.

We are calling for a video inspired by a poem, fiction, literary non-fiction, or experimental form, a written work that stimulates you to create a video in response. You may decide to creatively and dramatically interpret and thereby “collaborate” with the author of the work in terms of mood, energy, theme, related imagery, words, “plot,” music, and/or sounds. To collaborate means: “To enter into conversation with another … is to risk what one found or produced in common … One enters into conversation in order to become an other for the other.” — Alphonso Lingus

The primary goal of the First Combination Special Video Contest (“CSC”) is to elicit imaginative and original quality videos that capture the essence of mood/spirit/energy or theme of a literary work published on the Internet. Sponsor Mad Hatters’ Review is a collaborative, multi-new media magazine in which musicians and visual artists interpret written pieces and create new, exciting creations that converse with the writings. You needn’t be a professional videographer to stand a chance at fame and fortune.

For guidelines and rules, terms and conditions covering submissions, copyrights, formats, etc, visit