The endless joy of Eurovision

Following on from the last post, yet another occasion for Brits to vote en masse for a competition that we all claim to hate anyway.

The lineup looked like the roster for the next ‘celebrity’ reality TV show, but arguably contained some semi-decent musicians – Big Brovaz, Justin Hawkins (ex-Darkness) and even Brian Harvey (ex-East 17/E-17). And yet the eventual winners were the truly truly appalling Scooch, who might have a chance of winning the Eurovision Song contest if they undergo a complete change of concept, band name, singers (I use the term loosely), and song.

However there was some fun to be had when two different acts were simultaneously announced as the winners on live TV. Great stuff.

By the way – having been out of the country for a few years I have to admit that I did somehow miss the tuneless shenanigans, ‘nul points’ schadenfreude and obligatory Terry Wogan commentary of the Eurovision night itself. But I’m slightly confused – wasn’t the competition rebranded a few years back to become the ‘Song For Europe’? Whatever happened to that? A google search suggests that (curiously) only Malta are using that name this year.

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