The Creativity Conversation – a two day symposium exploring creativity, De Montfort University, Leicester


With Prof. Margaret Boden, Giles Lane, Prof. Richard Coyne, Dr. Claudia Eckert and Frank Boyd.

Advance Notice

Imagine a world where we could all work together, across disciplines, across conventional boundaries. Where the creative process could transfer from one person to the next, from one area to another, without impedance. Where tools existed that worked across fields and working methods. Where communication was easy because everyone talked the same language. Where we are more creative as a result.

Is this possible? How can we make it possible? This is what we seek to explore. This is what we will talk about, starting with questions such as-

* What is creativity?
* What restricts workflow between disciplines?
* How can boundaries between industry and academia be crossed or even dismantled?
* What part can technology play in the creative process?
* Can we become more creative by considering and appropriating the processes of other disciplines?

To help explore these questions will be thoughts, experiences, and insights from four speakers.

Prof. Margaret Boden
Currently Research Professor of Cognitive Science at Sussex University, Margaret was the founding-Dean of Sussex University’s School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences, a pioneering centre for research into intelligence and the mechanisms underlying it.

Giles Lane
Director of Proboscis, an artist-led collaborative studio. The key to the studio’s activity is collaboration; between artists, writers, curators, critics, designers, technologists, film makers, scientists and theorists.

Prof. Richard Coyne
Professor of Architectural Computing at Edinburgh University, Richard researches and teaches in the areas of information technology in practice, computer-aided design in architecture, the philosophy of information technology, multimedia in design, digital media, and design theory.

Dr. Claudia Eckert
Claudia Eckert joined the Engineering Design Centre in January 1999 as a Research Associate on the Signposting Project, concentrating on knowledge acquisition and the use of design guidelines. Her previous work concentrated on intelligent support systems for knitwear design, leading to an ESRC funded research project entitled Mechanisms of Inspiration in Novel Design, studying how sources of inspiration are used in knitwear design.

Frank Boyd: Founder of Unexpected Media
Unexpected Media was founded by Frank Boyd and Judith Glynne in 2000. They work mostly in the digital media sector supporting innovation and facilitating creative research. Frank has also worked on a series of innovative programmes to support creative, social and economic development in the UK’s new media sector since founding the Arts Technology Centre (Artec) in 1989. He is currently working with Creative London on a series of initiatives to encourage growth in London digital media industries including the London Games Festival and a new A/V market, Rights Lab, as well as the pioneering BBC Innovation Labs.

Interspersing these noted speakers will be a number of workshops designed to promote discussion and explore the issues in a hands-on way. The activity is not however limited to these two days. In the run up to the event conversations will exist, ideas circulated, and concepts explored through on-line communication which will help to mould and shape the events that take place. The outcome will be documented and used to help further understanding in the area of creativity so that more can be done to find ways of helping it.

The event is part of the Creativity East Midlands project, whose aims are to explore creativity and the creative process within many different disciplines. This work involves both industry and academia, with the aim of enhancing creativity and innovation.