Technology Will Save Us & Little Bits Global Make-a-thon, London, UK – 14 September, 11am – 6pm

During the London Design Festival, Technology Will Save Us -London’s first haberdashery for technology and education, will be hosting a Global Makeathon – to help designers get away from the screen and get their hands dirty!

We are starting Design Week off with a special, all day make-a-thons in collaboration with New York based LittleBits. 15 other make-a-thons will be taking place across the world that we will Skype with on the day and share inventions, skills and approaches to making.

For one day, we are inviting our community, the design community, families and Maker communities at large to participate in making interactive, sonic, robotic and design based projects with Technology Will Save Us kits and LittleBits electronic ‘Legos’. The day will be a hands on day of learning, making and inventing using technology and design. The makea-thons will be great for designers interested in making more with their hand and technology as well as families and young people wanting to get involved in the Design and the technology world.

The Makathon will be comprised of three consecutive workshops and discussions which will happen throughout the day, Participants can come for an hour or stay for the whole day and have a special ‘makers Lunch’ (for a makers Price!) from our local Wharf Kitchen.

Workshops Include:
DIY Electro-Dough workshop – A fun and easy workshop using electronic Play Dough, lights, motors, switches and creativity!
DIY Mini Synth workshop – A simple soldering workshop that teaches you how to make your own synthesizer to create electronic music and beats.
Littlebits workshop – Be the first to try the color-coded “Bits” that snap together magnetically to make it easy to build simple circuits and inventive projects in seconds, all aorund the theme of bringing your city to life.

The event is supported by and promoted with the Adhocracy exhibition at LimeWharf and the NYCEDC (NYC Economic Development Corporation). It marks the launch of Technology Will Save Us as the first UK distributor of littleBits kits and is specifically timed to happen in the month of September, the most active month in the Maker Community, in NY and UK.
The Global Makathon will be from 11 – 6pm Sept 14th – come for one or stay the whole day!

Rough Schedule:
DIY Electro Dough workshop – 11-1pm (Drop in)
DIY Synth workshop – 2-4pm (Drop in)
Littlebits workshop – 2-6pm