Tate Encounters – Art Museums in Digital Culture – 2-6 March 2009, London, UK

Tate Encounters: Research in Process
Resolutely Analogue?: Art Museums in Digital Culture

Tate Encounters is a collaborative project between Tate Britain, London South Bank University and University Arts London and is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council through the ‘Diasporas, Migration and Identities’ programme.

Tate Britain Duveen Studio
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Programme B
Monday 2 March – Friday 6 March 2009
– To what extent does the web visitor have agency to ‘act back’ or to ‘author’ their interactions with museum websites?
– How is new media being conceived as an ‘interpretative’ or ‘augmenting’ dimension of the museum experience and with what effects?
– How do museums see and understand the value of the use of personal mobile media within the museum?

These questions have been grouped under the title ‘Resolutely Analogue? Art Museums in Digital Culture’ to signal the tension between change and continuity, between new media enthusiasms and traditional museological practices. Issues such as the use of media in the gallery centered on authority and provenance, ownership and copyright, and user engagement will also be discussed throughout the week’s programme.

Monday 2 March
Learning and Teaching in New Media: Questions of Literacy

– Richard Colson, Artist and Senior Lecturer in Digital Arts at Thames Valley University
– Mike Philips, Reader in Digital Art & Technology and Director of i-DAT [Institute of Digital Art & Technology], University of Plymouth
– Paula Roush, New media artist and lecturer at London South Bank University and the University of Westminister

This session will have presentations on perspectives of teaching new media and will focus upon questions of the cultural contexts of new media practices, knowledge and understanding in curricula design and teaching for interactivity.

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Tuesday 3 March
11.00-13.00 Artists Using Digital Tools: Social subjects and Digital Aesthetics

– Graham Harwood, Artist and educator
– Keith Piper, Artist and Reader in Fine Art at Middlesex University
– Gary Stuart, Head of Multimedia at Iniva since
– Roshini Kempadoo, New media artist, photographer and Reader in Media Practice at University of East London

This session looks at new media art projects which have had a relationship to gallery and museum exhibition and asks questions about how artists working with new media understand the context of working within contemporary art context and what their experience has been.

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Networks of Users: Communities and Interests
– Marc Garrett, Co-Direcor of Furtherfield.org & HTTP Gallery, Net Artist and new media artist
– Matt Locke, Commissioning Editor for Education and New Media at Channel 4
– Anna Colin, Exhibitions curator, Gasworks
– Honor Harger, Artist, curator and Director of AV Festival

This session focuses upon new media practitioners who have looked beyond the context of the museum and gallery in generating a presence for innovatory, independent practice on the Intranet and with what consequences and outcomes.

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Wednesday 4 March
11.00 – 13.00 New Media and the Museum: Practices and Possibilities

– Sarah Cook, Research Fellow for the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media at University of Sunderland
– Ross Parry, Lecturer in Museums and New Media at the University of Leicester Programme Director of Museum Studies at University of Leicester

This session will focus upon the ways in which new media has been taken up and used within museums. It explores how new media practices become objects to be curated, collected and archived within museums, as well as designing new media objects for interpretation and education within museums

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New Media and Museums: Channels for the Future

– Will Gompertz, Director, Tate Media

This session focuses upon the growing relationship between art and media, specifically upon the possibilities presented by online transmission for museums to take on new roles as producers and broadcasters of media.

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Thursday 5 March
11.00 – 13.00 Online Portals to Museums: Channels for Exchange

– John Stack, Head of Tate Online
– James Davis, Online Collection Editor, Tate Online

This session focuses upon how museum websites operate as online portals for various constituencies of online users. How porous can museum websites be within loss of identity and focus? How are questions of value and provenance negotiated?

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15.00-17.00 Museums, Technology and Culture: Culture and Virtual Ecologies

– David Garcia, Dean of Chelsea College of Art and Design and Professor of Design for Digital Cultures, HKU
– Charlie Gere, Head of Department and Reader in New Media Research in the Department of Media, Film, and Cultural Studies, Lancaster University

This session discusses the wider contexts of the museum’s position in relationship to digital and globalised culture. How will the increasing use of information technologies across a whole spectrum of social, economic and cultural activity impact upon art practice and the value of museums?

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Friday 6 March
New Media: Gallery Workshop

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