Call for papers: GamesLit, Lost in a game / Lost in a book – deadline 31 March 2017 Call for paper Lost in a game / Lost in a book Université de Montreal, Canada, 20-22 october 2017 Conference chairs: Carl Therrien and Marcello Vitali-Rosati In August 2015, Time magazine declared that virtual reality is about to change the world. Its infamous cover featured Palmer Luckey floating on a beach wearing the Oculus Rift headset. In March 2016, … Read More

Art Futura 2016 London including immersive VR – Hackney, London, 27&29 October 2016

Immersive Virtual Reality had its early beginnings in the early sixties but it was in the 90s, when it hit the mainstream, becoming extremely popular. In January 1990, during the first ArtFutura edition in Barcelona, the public was able to experience, for the first time in Europe, a Virtual Reality prototype. Now in its 27th edition, ArtFutura will reflect on the perspective of all these years.