Access Space

Instrument-Builder Residency, Access Space, Sheffield – deadline 20 November 2015 Instrument-Builder Residency The Hugh Davies Project, in collaboration with Access Space, seeks an instrument-builder to take up a two-week residency in Sheffield in early 2016. The aim of the residency is to build an instrument, or instruments, in the style of English experimental musician and instrument-builder Hugh Davies, whose instruments involved the amplification of repurposed every-day objects via contact … Read More launched New website released this week dedicated to generated sound, featuring algorithmic compositions, generative music and sound design.

Free online course – From Ink to Sound: Decoding Musical Manuscripts (7 weeks) – starts 2 November 2015 Travel through the history of musical notation, learning how to decode medieval music manuscripts, with this free online course. ABOUT THE COURSE Nowadays music is all around us: we listen to it while we are on our way to work, when preparing lunch or even while showering. All this music is written down in its own language – the … Read More

2nd Annual Web Audio Conference – submissions now open – deadline 1 October 2015

The 2nd Web Audio Conference (WAC) will be held April 4-6, 2016 at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. WAC is an international conference dedicated to web audio technologies and applications. The conference welcomes web developers, music technologists, computer musicians, application designers, researchers, and people involved in web standards. The conference addresses research, development, design, and standards concerned with emerging audio-related web … Read More

Call for music and sound artworks, abstracts – Sounds, Images and Data 2015 – deadline 17 April 2015 Sounds, Images and Data 2015 is a conference that analyzes the role of the artists and curators in creating new experiences and aesthetics in the 21st century. The conference is calling for abstracts but also for Music Scores and Sounds Artworks. OCR as part of its institutional scope is partnering with international institutions in order to develop a curated … Read More