Hz #19 – Florian Cramer, Edward Picot, Alan Sondheim, GX Jupitter-Larsen…

Hz #19 www.hz-journal.org —————- WHAT, AM I HEARING LIGHT? LISTENING THROUGH JEAN-LUC NANCY by MARTYN HUDSON The work of Jean-Luc Nancy on listening helps us to rethink questions of sonority and the listening body. It reworks the whole field of sound and representation, and presents a novel way of questioning the relations of power in terms of music. This article … Read More

FLEFF 2014 exhibition of digital media: Viral Dissonance

FLEFF is pleased to announce its 9th exhibition of digital media: Viral Dissonance. Brannon Dorsey’s Zetamaze was selected for the jury prize; Robert Spahr’s Data Loss Cruft (Corruption), for special mention. Other artists featured in the exhibition include Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell; Ben Grosser; Markus Keim and Beate Hecher; Hye Young Kim and Tohm Judson; Brenda Longfellow, Glen Richards, … Read More