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Call for Papers & Works – ELO (Electronic Literature Organization) 17, Porto, Portugal – first deadline 5 December 2016

The ELO (Electronic Literature Organization) is pleased to announce its 2017 Conference and Festival, to be held from 19-22 July 2017 in Porto, Portugal. Titled “Electronic Literature: Affiliations, Communities, Translations”, the Conference and Festival welcome dialogues and untold histories of electronic literature, providing a space for discussion about what exchanges, negotiations, and movements we can track in the field of electronic literature.

Call for papers – Eurographics Workshop on Graphics for Digital Fabrication 2016, Lisbon – deadline 20 February 2016

Digital fabrication technologies comprise a combination of programmable digital tools, processes, materials and equipment which allow the creation of physical objects of complexities not achievable by traditional manufacturing processes. Computer graphics research is at the centre of these developments, as it provides the underlying technologies which allow creating, validating and processing the 3D shapes and textures to be fabricated. We invite paper submission from a wide range of researchers and experts investigating on the many aspects related to computer graphics and digital fabrication technologies.

Call for papers and artworks – International Conference on Information Visualisation, iV 2016 and CGIV 2016, Lisbon – deadline 1 February 2016

A number of invited speakers and tutorial sessions will review current state-of-the-art developments and outline future directions. This embedded with the current research being undertaken in industry and in academia will provide coverage of the salient aspects and sub-areas of visualization and graphics. Such work will be presented in a series of symposia.