Cordite Poetry Review: Special Issue: Propaganda – deadline 10 May 2020 Cordite Poetry Review: Special Issue: Propaganda Deadline: 11.59pm Melbourne time Sunday 10 May, 2020. Is there a more loaded word than PROPAGANDA? It’s the tool of choice for authoritarians everywhere, an opiate for the masses, filled with manipulation, misrepresentation and outright lies with half an eye to creating convenient divisions and discord. The etymology of the word, though, is … Read More

A [[Non]] Guardian Age by Mez Breeze The first chapter of A [[Non]] Guardian Age, a web-based remix by Mez Breeze is now available. This remix takes as its source material The Guardian, a novel by Anna Maria Bunn from 1838. A gothic romance and comedy of manners (seriously), The Guardian is the first Australian novel published on the mainland. Originally published anonymously it was subsequently … Read More

FLEFF 2014 exhibition of digital media: Viral Dissonance

FLEFF is pleased to announce its 9th exhibition of digital media: Viral Dissonance. Brannon Dorsey’s Zetamaze was selected for the jury prize; Robert Spahr’s Data Loss Cruft (Corruption), for special mention. Other artists featured in the exhibition include Mez Breeze and Andy Campbell; Ben Grosser; Markus Keim and Beate Hecher; Hye Young Kim and Tohm Judson; Brenda Longfellow, Glen Richards, … Read More