Art Futura 2016 London including immersive VR – Hackney, London, 27&29 October 2016

Immersive Virtual Reality had its early beginnings in the early sixties but it was in the 90s, when it hit the mainstream, becoming extremely popular. In January 1990, during the first ArtFutura edition in Barcelona, the public was able to experience, for the first time in Europe, a Virtual Reality prototype. Now in its 27th edition, ArtFutura will reflect on the perspective of all these years.

CoLAB (Hackney, London) open call for inaugural Associates – deadline 20 March 2015 Placing prototyping at the heart of artistic provocation to enable innovation without constraint, celebrating process over product. Applications are now open to become part of the inaugural community of Associates at CoLAB – SPACE’s new creative innovation and prototyping incubator. Environment CoLAB features 12 workstations radiating from a prototyping area, designed to encourage a democratic environment for innovation and … Read More

Omega Point by Marios Athanasiou at MKII Studios, Clapton, London – 6th November 2014, 7-10pm

Omega Point is an audiovisual interactive installation that explores the theme of consciousness as a quantum physics phenomenon. 6th November 19:00 – 22:00 MKII Studios, 71-75 Powerscroft Road, E5 0PT Recent discoveries in neuroscience support a twenty-year-old controversial theory of consciousness entitled Orch-OR that states that consciousness does not emerge from complex computational activities inside the brain, as it was … Read More