Generative Unfoldings – call for sketches/prototypes of generative artworks, 15 commissions of $1,000 available – deadline 1 November Artists are invited to submit sketches/prototypes of generative artworks to be deployed online (running live in the browser) as part of the MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology’s upcoming symposium, “Unfolding Intelligence: The Art and Science of Contemporary Computation.” This call is for client-side generative art, e.g., in JavaScript and languages based on it, e.g., p5.js. A Web … Read More launched New website released this week dedicated to generated sound, featuring algorithmic compositions, generative music and sound design.

in Bb I love this work initiated by Darren Solomon and completed with a range of musical collaborators. Whatever you call it – net art? generative music? collaborative and participatory audiovisual mixing? – it’s a beautifully simple concept, created well. The automatic ‘buddha machine’ version is also worth checking out, not least for the well written (and supplied) automating code – … Read More