The Schauerman Prize for Digital Art – deadline 29 August 2017

This new prize is part of The London Group Open 2017. A new prize for digital art in all its forms. The selected artworks will be shown as part of the London Group Open in November 2017 and the winner will receive £500. Digital video, still image, sound, 3D, web, game, interactive, installation, VR, electronics, robotics, etc… This prize is … Read More

Link Editions: How To Play Eddo Stern

LINK Editions: How To Play Eddo Stern

Part game manual, part catalogue, part archive, How to Play Eddo Stern revolves around a body of 17 works made by Stern along the last two decades which, although developed with different media, can be understood as “games”.


Call for papers: GamesLit, Lost in a game / Lost in a book – deadline 31 March 2017 Call for paper Lost in a game / Lost in a book Université de Montreal, Canada, 20-22 october 2017 Conference chairs: Carl Therrien and Marcello Vitali-Rosati In August 2015, Time magazine declared that virtual reality is about to change the world. Its infamous cover featured Palmer Luckey floating on a beach wearing the Oculus Rift headset. In March 2016, … Read More

Call for papers – Well Played Journal Special Issue: European Videogames of the 1980s – deadline 1 November 2016

Edited by Clara Fernandez-Vara and Bennett Foddy. The historical discourse of videogames has been dominated by the North American narrative, which sidelines the history of other parts of the world which were not affected by the Atari Crash. The 1980s were a time when the European entertainment software industry thrived and bloomed, particularly on home computers, and demonstrated impressive levels … Read More