Literary Creative Turing Tests 2018, competition for machine-generated lit – deadline 15 May 2018

Can algorithms create “human-quality” short stories, sonnets and limericks? The competition is to determine whether people can distinguish between human and algorithmic creativity. The goal is not to replace human creativity, but to assess whether current computational technology can produce outputs that cannot be distinguished from it.

Call for papers – 2nd Computational Creativity & Games Workshop @ ICCC 2016, Paris – deadline 1 May 2016

Digital games are an ideal application area for the study of computational creativity: they combine many creative domains (visuals, audio, narrative, game and level design, gameplay) and have often relied on algorithms to generate content for the ever-increasing needs of a massive game industry. The 2nd workshop on Computational Creativity and Games focuses on and highlights research in autonomous computational creators of game content.