Call to artists in all media – 1st Cambridge SciArt Exhibition, deadline 31 January 2018

SciArt in Cambridge is excited to present the first Cambridge SciArt Exhibition at the Cavendish Laboratory as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. We aim to show work in a variety of media – traditional art forms such as painting, film and photography, sculpture and installation – but also welcome unconventional forms, such as wearables and live performance.

Artist opportunity for the Sir Maurice Wilkes Building, St John’s Innovation Park, Cambridge – deadline 5 September 2016

Place Services is seeking applications from artists with experience of working in the public realm whose practice explores the cross-over between the Arts and (computer) Sciences. The proposed artwork is to be located at the St John’s Innovation Park, Cambridge for the new ‘Sir Maurice Wilkes Building. The building will be a prominent landmark, with the artwork designed as a focus of celebration for the discoveries of Sir Maurice Wilkes.