Taboo! Taboo? CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival launched

Taboo! Taboo?
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival
was launched on 13 November 2009 online!

The 5th edition of CologneOFF stands under the thematic aspect of “Taboo”, going down to the question of whether “taboo” lost its relevance in the contemporary societies as an instrument of moral and social ruling or not at all. The selected festival films spotlight that each one in different ways motivating the viewer to reflect and find individual definitions.

Founded in 2006 by VideoChannel Cologne, CologneOFF is a new type of film and video festival taking place simultaneously online and in physical space via cooperating festival partners. Focussed on art forms of film and video , and differently than other festivals, the launch does not represent the temporary presentation for two or more days, also not the end of the festival, but its start. In this way, the previous festival editions are also still active, while once a year in autumn a new festival edition enters the stage.

In 2009, CologneOFF V starts together with
Microwave – New Media Arts Festival Hong-Kong – 13 Nov-11 Dec 2009
and Fonlad – Digital Art Festival Guarda/Portugal – 14 Nov ’09 – 03 Jan ’10
the first two festival partners in a series of physical manifestations in 2009 and 2010.

CologneOFF V contains of 5 festival programs including 50 films in 3 international sections, 14 art videos from Germany and 14 One Minute Films selected by the guest curator Ali Zaidi (Motiroti/London).

CologneOFF V is featuring films by following artists/directors
Karlos Alastruey – Ascan Breuer – Marita Contreras – Jym Davis – Frank Gatti
Heidi Kumao – Les Riches Dounaniers – Alex Lora – Ulf Kristiansen – Casey McKee
Marianna and Daniel O’Reilly – Soumendra Padhi – Margarida Paiva – Erika Yeomans
Ioannis Roumeliotis – Boris Sribar – Alysse Stepanian – Masha Yozefpolsky – Ran Slavin
Renata Padovan – Lily & Honglei – Holly Rodricks – Arzu Ozkal Telhan – Sinasi Gunes
Daniel Castillo & Carolina Padilla – Milica Rakic – Haim Ben Shitrit – Lin Fanguso
Sonja Vuk – Arthur Tuoto – Joaquin Palencia . Roland Wegerer – My Name is Scot
Fumiko Matsuyama – Vladimir Mitrev – Carmen Lansberg – Jill Sigman – Isvan Rusvai
Jamie M. Waelchli – Bill Domonkos – Fabio Scacchioli – Pekka Ruuska – Roland Fuhrmann Luana Visciglia – Valerie Garlick – Iona Pelovska – Carla Della Beffa – Rafael – Chis Coleman – Anna FC Smith – Virginie Foloppe – Priscilla Pomeroy – Julio Orta – Silvana Dunat – Aryn Zev – Nuria Fragoso
Philip Matousek – Anna Porzelt – Amorea Cosmalion – Jonas Ungar – Dina Boswank
Nilgun Serbest & Tobias Kurtz – Sibylle Trickes – Susanne Wiegner – Maya Schweizer
Amit Epstein – Anna Hirschmann – Johanna Reich – Sarah Adetola
Shobna Gulaty – Hetain Patel – Nikesh Shukla – Nitin Das – Nila Madhab Panda – Ali Zaidi – Abhilash V. – Roshaan Khattak – Monika Dutta – Sukanya Ghosh – Vishwajyoti Ghosh – Shazieh Gorji – Syed Ali Nasir – Sehban Zaidi

CologneOFF V – Taboo! Taboo? 5th Cologne Online Film Festival can be accessed via the festival site or directly via

CologneOFF is a corporate part of [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne – – the experimental platform for art and new media from Cologne/Germany