Suggestions for Art that Could Be Called Red – deadline 25 June 2014

The Museum of Contemporary Cuts (MoCC) would like to bring to your attention a call for artworks for an exhibition project that is loosely connected to the recently launched Leonardo Electronic Almanac edition RED ART New Utopias in Data Capitalism.

In 2012, Lanfranco Aceti, Visiting Fellow at Goldsmiths and NYU and Editor in Chief of LEA, founded in 2012 an online platform called ‘Museum of Contemporary Cuts’ (MoCC) which works in tandem with physical spaces of international galleries.

Next month Lanfranco Aceti and Susanne Jaschko (Senior Curators) will present an online exhibition at MoCC called provokingly ‘Suggestions for Art that Could Be Called Red,’ which will coincide with a show at Kasa Gallery titled ‘An Opera of Labour and Revolution.’ The show ‘Suggestions for Art that Could Be Called Red’ will be announced on e-flux and through other channels to generate maximum attention.

We would like to invite you to contribute work to this show in the form of images or videos. For examples, please have a look at the previous exhibitions on MoCC.

We would like to present a wide and controversial range of work, that could inspire a debate of what ‘red art’ could be today, and expand the predominantly scholarly discourse initiated in Leonardo through examples of artistic practice.

The artworks will be selected through a careful review process by the curators.

If you want to contribute to the show — which we very much hope — please send us a download link for video-based works and/or 3 images at 2000px wide and 1200px for web and device. Please don’t forget the credits and captions for each.

The files must arrive by June 25, but we would be glad to receive any material before this date and can be emailed to with subject heading “Red Art.”

If you are interested to participate or have any questions, please let us know at the email contact above.